1. nambinintsoaherison ( 21/08/2017 06:12)
salama daholo .mangataka fanampiana kely azafd i.inona ny "solution du changement climatique"mifandraika amin'ny "technologie informatique"?
novalian'i rhaj0 ny 23/08/2017 11:32
2. rhaj0 ( 23/08/2017 11:32)
Rahefa hikarokaroka, dia tsiritsiriho aloha Ineny Gogola

Dia hahita resaka be dia be ianao. Ohatra hita fa cours iray manontolo eny @ Oniversitia mihintsy ilay izy. Ohatra ao @ U Toronto

CSC2600: Topics in Computer Science: Climate Change Informatics

This introductory course will explore the contribution of computer science to the challenge of climate change, including: the role of computational models in understanding earth systems, the numerical methods at the heart of these models, and the software engineering techniques by which they are built, tested and validated; challenges in management of earth system data, such as curation, provenance, meta-data description, openness and reproducibility; tools for communication of climate science to broader audiences, such as simulations, games, educational software, collective intelligence tools, and the challenges of establishing reputation and trustworthiness for web-based information sources; decision-support tools for policymaking and carbon accounting, including the challenges of data collection, visualization, and trade-off analysis; the design of green IT, such as power-aware computing, smart controllers and the development of the smart grid.

The aim is to bring a broad range of computer science graduate students together, to explore how their skills and knowledge in various areas of computer science can be applied to a societal grand challenge problem. The course will equip the students with a basic understanding of the challenges in tackling climate change, and will draw a strong link between the students’ disciplinary background and a series of inter-disciplinary research questions. The course crosscuts most areas of computer science.

Fa rehefa maika, dia Inenitoa Iotioba indray hanontaniana eee..

Ity izao Los Alamos LAboratory..

Fa jerijerevo tsara ihany iza no mampiresaka (ngo dia ireo anti-science anti-climatic change no mamoromporon-dresaka ao).

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